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October 9, 2021by Nicklous0
Terpene - Linalool
Linalool is a must have for anti-inflammatory, anti-pain needs.

How do you know if that “buds” right for you?

You nose knows! That’s how. The sense of smell or the olfactory senses hold a tremendous power to heal. This fact alone is the starting point of success for tinctures.

Each day I will post 1 specific Terpene which will guide you with the things to sniff for, and the ailments they will treat.

  • Linalool – commonly smelling good in perfumes and is naturally found in lavender, mint and citrus.

  • Evidence has shown that Linalool is a anti-inflammatory property, and has the potential to treat inflammatory pain.

  • Clinical studies have shown that linalool reduces the excitability of spinal cord cells that transmit pain signals to the brain.

  • Targets acetylcholine, a brain chemical responsible for muscle movement which will help to repress active pain receptors.

  • Increases the brain’s levels of adenosine (a central nervous system depressant), which aid in pain relief and sleep.

  • Lavender aromatherapy may decrease the demand for opioids immediately after surgery.

Linalool inhalation used in conjunction with morphine was found to decrease morphine use post operatively.

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