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ConsultationOur first day in the Blogosphere! Please be gentle as we know Cannabis advocates can be.

April 24, 2021by Nicklous0

Please be kind.

I am a “1 Pony Show” that has many proverbial “plates in the air” so please bare with me as I learn the in’s and out’s of a new blog site.  Yeah, call me old fashion, but I never been one to talk about myself, my experiences or opinions.  Funny how things can change.  As I am currently advancing my passion and current knowledge of Cannabis Science with classes at Saint Louis University School of Medicine and Professional Studies.  I can’t help but to make myself available to everyone that wants to learn about the legitimacy of Cannabis.

Make note that I use the word “cannabis” versus “marijuana”.  That is a personal choice and something of a crusade of mine.  Because we have come to learn that the “cannabis” plant has over 1,200 know pharmacological, medicinal and botanical benefits extending over 4,500 years.  I personally wish to extend this beautiful plant some due respect.

That said, with respect to my site, it would be so greatly appreciated if you do not use the words – weed / dope / pot / grass and so on.  Yeah, those are great “tags” and keywords”.  I know the words will be used no matter the time and effort applied.  Ultimately, we grab those great “meta-tags”

I realize that I am a silent minority, but remember all successful campaigns began with the single first step of a grass-roots effort.

If you should happen to agree with my ideologies, perhap you would like to show your support with one of my custom designed (by me) T-Shirts or the many journals available to track your daily experiences.

Otherwise, please post your questions, comments, concerns, rants, raves, supporter or denyer please post away.

Keep in mind that all post are filtered before final publish.


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